A downloadable VR Experience for Windows and macOS

Enjoy creating music with your fingertips in an immersive abstract landscape.

Soundscape VR features:

  • Tonematrix - 16 x 12 grid where you can adjust:
    • toggle individual notes
    • change oscillator type
    • change effects
  • Drumcomputer - 16 x 8 grid where you can:
    • toggle individual drumcomputer samples
    • mute drumcomputer channel
    • change effects
  • Freestyle - continuous oscillator where you can:
    • change note
    • change effect
  • Visualization based on created music
  • Tutorial Mode

Use you left and right index finger to interact with the panels and matrices.
A pointer shows how close you are to a surface.

Preview of all features / jam recording / tutorial:

Install instructions

Soundscape VR is build for the Leap Motion mounted on the Oculus Rift and tested in Direct HMD Mode with:

Leap motion v2.2.2.24469

Oculus Rift v0.4.4 Beta


Soundscape VR_LM_0.7.2_Windows.zip.zip 11 MB
Soundscape VR_LM_0.7.2_OSX.zip.zip 15 MB